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Alchemy of Earth and Spirit

Alchemy of Earth and Spirit intertwines the use of plant-based and reclaimed materials with organic shapes and spiritual motifs, echoing the interconnectedness between the earth and soul. This practice intertwines threads of environmental stewardship, climate justice, and spiritual awakening. Utilizing pigments foraged from Burnet Woods, I honor the hues gifted by this unsuspecting forest. I search my surroundings for leaves, bark, berries, and stones, gathering those that I can harvest honorably and shaping them into works of art. At the heart of my practice lies a profound mysticism, grounded in reverence for the earth and its inhabitants. I observe the reciprocal care for the land found in ancient indigenous beliefs, how those undertones wind into my roots of Antiochian Orthodoxy and are present in modern neopagan beliefs. Ultimately, my art serves as a conduit for personal exploration, challenging viewers to confront their relationship with their environment and creating a sacred space of healing and renewal.

As Above So Below.heic
Ecological Flow.heic
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