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Madelyn McArthur was born in Toledo, Ohio in 2002. Growing up in a Syrian Orthodox church, she always took a great interest in the art and architecture of the cathedrals. This influence channeled a lifelong passion for creativity. She is currently working on her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Cincinnati's Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning program, and studying various mediums and approaches to art. She has a passion for making art and art education accessible to all people, and hopes to pursue this throughout her life.

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Artist Statement

Madelyn McArthur is a multimedia artist exploring the relationship of the mind, body, and surrounding world. McArthur primarily creates as a painter, working with oils, watercolors, and naturally foraged pigments. Her art involves a process and material-based approach, incorporating the use of handmade paints and surfaces crafted from natural and found materials. Her use of dynamic forms and organic shapes serve as visual representations of the intertwinement of all elements of ecology, including those that occur with and without our influence. These visuals of her art invite the viewer to take a closer look at the world around them, while also investigating the metaphysical and unknown. Her work investigates concepts of transformation, interconnectedness, and community.

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